Event Sample Menus

Canapés Sample Menu


Choose... 5 canapés a head as a light bite.
Up to 8 canapés a head as a little more.
Up to 12 canapés a head as a good feed.
All canapés are £1.75 each unless individually priced.


Special Homemade hummus with garlic flatbread
Bread Sticks
Cheese Straws
Rustic Bread


Fresh oysters topped with mignonette sauce, lemon and a hint of tabasco

Juicy prawns with fresh mint yoghurt dipping sauce
Baked prawns served with a yoghurt dipping sauce consisting of Turkish yoghurt, fresh mint and parsley

Raw salmon and tuna plate presented with lemon, soy sauce and wasabi

Seafood dish consisting of fresh raw fish cured in lime juice and spiced with chili peppers

Pan-fried European anchovy (turkish: hamsi) served with parsley, drizzled in lemon and salt

Filleted fish, lemon, parsley and potato patty, coated in breadcrumbs and batter

Prawn Tostada
Crunchy tortillas topped with tiger prawns, jalepeño chilies, a chunky tomato salsa and lime juice

Stuffed Mussels
Aromatic mussels stuffed with rice, raisins, dried mint, chilli peppers and pine nuts


Chicken Shish
Grilled chicken breast skewers

Fiery Chicken Tostada
Crunchy tortillas with spicy cooked chicken, beans, avocado topped and sour cream

Grape leaves stuffed with rice, dried mint, pine nuts and minced meat

Ground lamb kofte seasoned with onions, cumin, dried mint, salt and pepper

Raw Kofte
Ground fat free lamb or beef koftes with ground bulgur, spicy chili flakes, tomato paste, parsley, cumin and fresh homegrown tomatoes

Turkish Pizza
Flat bread with a topping of fresh tomoatoes, minced lamb, onions, pepper paste (salca) and meditteranean spices


Feta cheese and spinach mini pies with sesame seeds
Filo pastry shells filled with feta cheese, spinach, parsely, sesame seeds and fresh chopped dill

Spinach and Feta Flat Breads
Turkish flatbread with a savoury filling of  spinach and feta cheese

Frittata With Greens
Flat Italian-style omelet enriched with tomatoes, parsley, spinach and/or kale and red onion and grated grano padano

Mozzarella & Tomato Stack
Fresh, juicy mozarella stacked with tomatoes, drizzled in balsamic vinegar and olive oil and topped with chopped basil leafs

Zucchini Fritters
Small pan-fried cakes consisting of grated zucchini, egg, milk, parsley and meditteranean seasoning

Stuffed Jalapenos
Spicy jalapeños filled with grated cheese, cream cheese, onions and cilantro/parsley

Salsa Tostada 
Crunchy tortillas topped with finely diced red bell peppers, tomatoes, chilli peppers, onion and lime juice

Our drop off canapés are designed to be delivered approximately 1 hour before your event starts. They come in disposable boxes to make sure they are stable during transportation, so you (or our staff if hiring help) need to decant them onto serving platters before serving.

We recommend choosing 7 to 8 options to make up your menu.
Minimum order value: £250.

Chefs to build on site: £35 p/h (Head chef), £25 p/h (Sous chef). Allow one chef per 30 
guests with the first chef always being a Head chef. Allow approx. £40 each way for travel within London. 
Prices quoted exc. VAT.


Bowl food sample menu


Choose... 3 to 4 for a good feed, or combine with some canapés.
Bowls cost £4 each.

Bowl Food

Turkish butterflied aubergine stuffed with minced beef/lamb, roasted tomato, golden sultanas, toasted pine nuts, garlic, parsley, rock salt, and peppercorns

Spicy butter beans mixed with fresh seasonal vegetables on a bed of bulgar rice

Okra, chickpeas, red pepper, zucchini stew infused with garlic, cumin, and coriander with option to add chicken/beef or lamb

Fish Kofta 
Sea bass with lemon zest, tarragon, and dill

Ata’s Shrimp Soup 
Shrimps with vine tomato puree and coconut milk, infused with chilli, and lemon juice

Side Bowls 

Rustic Bread
Moroccan Potatoes
Flat Breads/Naans/Turkish Bread
Wild Rice

Salad Bowls 

Cous-cous salad with chopped spring onion, parsley, cherry tomato, and cucumber served on a bed of lettuce 

Spicy sweet potato salad served with parsley and fresh peppers

Turkish pasta salad
A colourful mixed salad - fresh asparagus, home grown broad beans, parsley, pasta and roasted peppers - seasoned with lemon, parsley and black peppercorns

Minimum order value: £300. 
Chefs to cook on site: £100 Head/£75 Sous per chef.
Allow one chef per 30 guests with the first chef always being a head chef. 
Allow £40 for travel within central London. Prices quoted exc. VAT.


Brain food sample menu


Green brain

Mini crepes filled with spinach & feta
Super greens salad
Pea & mint soup
Chilli edemame
Spicy Kale yoghurt dressing and toasted sesame seeds

Fish brain

Seabass rolls filled with mushroom shrimp, fresh lemon and thyme
Stuffed mussels
Salmon teriyaki skewers
Sashimi rolls
Tuna avocado mini wraps with baby tomato and fresh herbs

Grain brain

Qunio tabouleh
Coucous salad
Mushroom risotto 
Granola bars with yogurt
Oat smoothies

Nut brain

Dried figs filled with walnuts
Honey, Walnut & hazelnut balls 
Bread sticks with Spicy walnut dip

Red brain

Berry and strawberry smoothies
Roasted vine tomato tartlets
Red pesto pasta with parmesan 
Brushcetta with home-grown tomatoes and basil 



If you have any questions on our drop off on site cooking canapé and bowl food service, please contact Ata or Ali on:

E: ali@atalikitchen.com
E: ata@atalikichen.com

M: Ali 07739707307
M: Ata 07507265506