The Story

Ata grew up with a love and passion for food; throughout the years, watching his mother and grandmother cook, he was inspired by their recipes passed down from generations.

Together with this culinary basis, he effectively developed his own style - a fusion of Eastern and Mediterranean flavours, which express both his connection to his land, but also his combination of contemporary ideas and techniques.

Ata tends to each herb, spice and vegetable, using locally sourced products and suppliers that produce wholesome, delicious meals that are lovingly prepared within his kitchen.

Over the years of creating these special home cooked recipes that have delighted many people, Ata has now decided to open his ‘cook book of secrets’ and share it with everyone.

It’s the things I cook and bake at home with the family, that I now want others to enjoy. When you cook with love, your dishes will never fail you
— Ata



If you have any questions, please contact Ata or Ali on:


M Ali: 07739 707307
M Ata: 07507 265506